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Online Advertising

In today's competitive internet environment online or internet advertising is, when done correctly, a cost effective way of delivering your sales messages to potential customers. Dependent upon your  business sector, and how you operate, email marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, Pay per Click and web banner advertising may be right for your business.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is basically Search Engine Optimisation and the range of Pay per Click sponsored results. Both SEO and PPC are based on the use of Keywords which are often key phrases rather than individual words. Most people are aware that SEO is complex and is largely based around the 200 or so variables in Google's search engine algorithm. Creating websites which get on to page one of the Google search engine results pages keeps us in business. Few people understand that Pay per Click advertising is no longer a straightforward case of the highest bidder on specific keyword appearing at the top of the results page.   Today search engines rank PPC sponsored listings based on a combination of bid price, how relevant the page is to the keyword search and the quality of the website. We have developed, in parallel with our outstanding SEO capability, a system for running Pay Per Click advertising which aligns scientific keyword selection, website content, website quality and competitive bids to deliver value for money to our PPC Clients. In addition by making your website content right for your targeted customer base we help deliver sales and enquires from potential customers who click through to your website.

Social Media Advertising

We have a skilled team who are familiar with the very latest trends in successful content in Facebook and Twitter, Blogging, YouTube and  other social marketing channels. From teenage fashion to capital equipment sales we have creative people tuned in to your social media content needs. If you have the ability and the commitment  to keep you social media marketing updated with business focused content we can set up the links and structure for you.

Mobile Phone and Tablet Advertising

Mobile advertising on Mobile Phones and Tablets like iPhone and iPad is becoming more important to business owners by the week. The number of Smartphones and tablet computers has rapidly increased, connection speeds are much faster and screen resolutions are excellent. This has led to more potential customers making use of their mobile devices to search the web. For this reason almost all our current website projects are for responsive websites which display websites on all screen sizes in the right format.

Email Advertising

For most of our clients we only advise the use of email advertising to existing customers and contacts where there is an opt in. Our reason for this is that we believe that for most client unsolicited email creates an overall negative impact on both image due to the high cost of email lists and the impact of junk mail. Where email marketing is unsolicited we advise our clients to include an option to opt-out of future emails. We provide an email design service for email marketing and for newsletters.

Benefits of Online Advertising

Compared to advertising in newspapers, magazines online advertising provides a low-cost means of getting in front of millions of potential customers. In the case of Pay per Click you do not even pay until someone clicks though to your website. Online Advertising is very fast and the results are easily measured so you quickly know if you are on the right track or is it is back to the electronic drawing board.

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  • The new website is working really well for us thanks to UK Website Workshop, we are getting brilliant results on search engines. True professionals that I'm happy to recommend and do business with in future.

    K H North & South Services Ltd
  • The new website went live two weeks ago and as you said we noticed more calls coming in. We have had a few smaller jobs for window tinting work but the website really paid off today when we received a call for over 100 vehicle wraps for a large Manchester based company. The website is working great! Thanks to all at UK Website Workshop for the great work you continue to do for us.

    P H Vehicle Wrapping Manchester
  • I am writing to express our satisfaction with the work undertaken on our new website. Our major worry with regards to purchasing a new websites was determining what needed to be done to improve our websites performance. The first meeting you had with us gave us a clear understanding of what needed to be done and you stuck to your word. Our new website design with improved search engine performance has boosted our online presence and is proving to be a truly winning formula, just as you promised! Thank you for all your efforts

    L W Brookmeade Building Services
  • I want to thank the team at UK Website Workshop for the fantastic website that you have built for my business. We secured a 17k online order within two days of the website going live. I would recommend you to anyone who wants a professional website that delivers results with the minimum of fuss.

    P M Mabley Automation
  • I was very pleased with the website, facebook, twitter and HTML email template, you designed for us, together with your patience in responding to my calls, all in all I found the service excellent and would be pleased to recommend your services in the future

    I R McHale HR
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