How SEO Helps Your Business On Google

How SEO Can Help Your Business On Google - Infographic


There are many ways of proving how SEO helps your business on google. In this blog we highlight 3 of them for you to consider.

1. Higher Position On Google

As you may already know the purpose of SEO is to push your website higher up the Google search lisings. The higher up the listings your business is the more change of you getting a visitor. What is interesting is the difference between being in position 1 on page 1 of Google compared to the other top positions. Research suggests that if you are in position 1 then you can expect 50% more clicks than if you are in position 2. If you are on page 2 then you may as well be not listed. Being found on the first page of Google is essential for any business to grow online.

2. Website Performs Better

When we perform SEO on our clients websites we also work on improving the visitors experience. As an example we make sure that the website loads quickly. A fast load time means more people see what they want quickly and therefore your bounce rate will improve. We work to make sure that your key selling points are highly visible and that its easy for a visitor to contact you. Again making it easy for the user is the key to success. If they like what they see then they are more likely to stay on your page longer which also helps your overall SEO. There are many many more factors that we take into consideration when performing SEO but the things mentioned give you a taste of the sort of work we undertake to get your website to perform.

3. More Visitors More Business

Think of SEO as your ticket to getting more business. When your website is high up on Google it will be in the prime position to attract new clients. It not only says that you are open for business but that you are serious about what you do.

When we speak new potential clients that have not done SEO before we often hear “I don’t rely on the website to bring business”. We understand this view but we disagree. If you are not listed for a phrase relevant to your business then you will not be found. Individuals or other businesses that are looking for a new company to work with will not find you. In addition to this, if a potential client does their research on your business but struggles to find information online about your products or services it may raise alarm bells & prompt them to look elsewhere.

The Next Step

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