Maximising sales and Profit with SEO

Maximising sales and Profit with SEO

The Current Economic Climate

Economic growth in the UK was forecast to be 1% in 2020 and that was before any assessment of the impact of coronavirus on trade over the next year.

In 2019 it is estimated that 1 in 5 small businesses maxed out on their business overdrafts.

This makes it a very good time to make sure that your business website is delivering the maximum number of sales and enquiries.

How SEO Helps Your Website

SEO has a big part to play in this. The pages of your website need to be focused on attracting potential customers for all of your products. This is achieved by ensuring your website has all the right pages each with optimised content which will bring your website high up on page one of Google Search and the other search engines. Part of achieving a high search rank is ensuring that the code in which your website is written is itself optimised and lean so that your content is not diluted by unnecessary pages of redundant code. This approach also ensures a quick page load which is vitally important.

How SEO Helps Your Business

Having optimised your content and code to gain visitors via Google Search it is then down to having a modern, clean design which is easy to read and to navigate in order to make potential customers take the next step.

Why SEO Is Important For All Types Of Businesses

Even in businesses such as engineering and  construction where much work is achieved through networking or tendering it can be crucial to pick up the 4 or 5 % of the market where work providers want to use a new contractor for any reason, and it is here that being high on Google Search and having an up to date, credible website is crucial.

Successful SEO work, even of the highest order takes time to kick in in terms of search results, so act now and be in a position to win as the economy and markets recover.

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