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Our SEO service for clients in Altrincham is designed to push them up search engine listings in order to gain more website visitors, enquiries and sales.

As an example, when searching for the phrase “SEO Altrincham” on Google we appear in the search results because we have optimised this page.

The reason we want to appear for this search is simple, because it brings us more business. And for you, the same applies. We can review your existing website and work out a plan of action to get you to where you want to be.

There isn’t a magic formula, its simply a case of creating a robust SEO plan and sticking to it. Every business requires its own unique SEO plan based on the needs of the business and our years of experience allows us to consistently deliver great results for our clients.

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How it works

Taking this page as an example, designed to perform when anyone searches for “SEO in Altrincham”.  We have optimised every aspect of the page to achieve this and beat the competition.

Out perfrom the competition

The thing to remember with SEO is that when your competitors perform SEO on their websites, you need to either match it or better it in order to stay competitive. This is not an issue because with our SEO service we monitor your competitors in order to see any major changes that they make and then determine if it was a good or bad move so that we can take action accordingly.

We work through over 200 factors when performing SEO and the process continues month on month to provide ongoing improvements for our clients. Some typical SEO activity we undertake includes:

  • Key Phrase Identification
  • SEO Planning
  • Website Updates
  • Meta Data Reviews
  • Website Statistics
  • Content Optimisation
  • Landing Pages
  • Speed Optimisation
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SEO For All Business Types & Sizes

We provide our SEO services to all businesses in Altricnham. Whether you are a local tradesperson or run a multinational company, we can deliver results for your business.

Why Choose Us?

Sriti Akter
Sriti Akter
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Absolutely delighted with our new website, thanks to James and Bill its making sales already.
Gary Walsh
Gary Walsh
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Really happy with the new website produced by UK Website Workshop, their ecommerce knowledge makes running an online business very easy for us. Keep up the good work.
Hedigan Group
Hedigan Group
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Thank you to the team at UK Website Workshop for our new website. We highly recommend them for anything website or search engine related as they are very easy and work with and are flexible so can work to our timescales.
The CurryClub
The CurryClub
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
We have been working with James at UK Website Workshop for a number of years now and their ongoing support for our business is invaluable, highly recommend this company.
Brendan Newell
Brendan Newell
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Very happy with the service provided by James at UK Website Workshop. Always quick to respond and no issues deploying what we ask for. Highly recommended!
Christine Blockley
Christine Blockley
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
James has worked on our website for years, highly recommend him
John Thornton
John Thornton
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
A big thank you to UK Website Workshop, the new website design looks great and the SEO is working
UK Website Workshop
UK Website Workshop
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
UK Website Workshop have looked after our website design and development for years. They are quick to respond to any changes that need doing and are always professional in their approach.
Target Contractors Ltd
Target Contractors Ltd
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
James and Bill have looked after my website for years. Can’t fault them. Happy to recommend them to anyone needing a professional business website.
Charles McGinnis
Charles McGinnis
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Thank you James, the new website is working really well. We have had a number of new enquiries this week which is great to see. Speak to you soon. Charles

How SEO Works In More Detail

We get asked a whole host of questions regarding seo. Below are some of the questions we get asked the most:

Google’s main aim is to ensure that searches are relevant to the search phrase. As an example, when searching for “Altricnham SEO Companies” you want to see a list of reputable, well experienced SEO providers in Altricnham. Google keeps people coming back because they deliver what people are looking for.

If you search or “Coach Hire in Blackpool” on Google the results will appear in 0.52 seconds. The number of results will be around 1,290,000 websites (when writing this article). This search isn’t done in real time, Google already knows what results will be displayed for this search and then delivers these to you. Google constantly crawls websites and analyses their quality. The quality of the website is based on many factors including content, performance and popularity. The Google Algorithm considers around 200 different SEO factors for every website.

A number of tools are available to quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current website from a technical point of view. In addition to an experienced SEO Expert it is quickly apparent how strong the content is from an SEO point of view.

Before you start SEO work on your website, or pay someone else to do it, there are a number of things to consider. Firstly, check the strength of the competition when you search the keywords that are important to your business. Secondly, are these phrases going to generate real enquiries and sales. Your SEO plan needs to be better than your competitors otherwise its a waste of time and money. If you cannot beat competitors for the main keyword, you can still plan to take a share. There are many phrases that combined may actually bring in more than the most competitive phrase.

To get your website to page one on the Google Search Results you need to rank higher than your competitors. We do this by working on the SEO factors which are important for your business. The content on the pages of your website needs to be optimised in line with the 200 SEO factors. In addition, the structure of the website and the code for each page also needs to be optimised. In most cases we also build new highly focused and optimised pages to ensure that all relevant Google searches lead to your website. Proper coding of websites are also important for SEO success; for example, if most of your potential customers access websites on mobile phones if your website is not optimised to load fast and look good on a mobile then you will be heavily penalised.

Google basically ranks each website into an index which lists websites by relevance and quality for each key word and key phrase. The geographical location of the business and the potential customer is also very important for Local Search.

When thinking about search phrases that you want your business to show for, we put ourselves in the shoes of your potential customers. This helps us to generate a real and credible list of search phrases that people are likely to search for.

We then take things a step further by using tools and software to analyse the actual competitiveness of phrases. As an example, the phrase “SEO Altrincham” is actually highly competitive because all SEO companies know that if they achieve page 1 listings for this they will bring in more business.

A typical example of a short tail phrase is “SEO Altrincham” This phrase is as short as can be without removing the word Altrincham. This type of search phrase is highly desirable as it will get more searches than a long tail phrase. However, long tail phrases are powerful in their own right and must be part of your SEO strategy.

When a search phrase is highly competitive such as “SEO Altrincham” we may opt for another phrase to push first. This phrase would be a longer phrase which would generally be an easier phrase to achieve in a shorter timeframe. These types of longer phrases are called long tail search phrases and allow us to gain faster results. Therefore, some strategies may be geared towards other phrases first such as “SEO companies in Altrincham” which may be achievable within a few months of working on the phrase.

Think of your website in terms of individual pages rather than the site as a whole. Each page needs to have a clear and strong focus on an aspect of your business and this needs to be reflected in that page pushing a keyword or phrase. The length of the content needs to be sufficient to give a high usage of the keyword but also keep the keyword density in the acceptable percentage. If the keyword density is too high Google may consider the page to be spam and give it a very low rank.

Particularly with the increasing use of smartphones the speed with which your web pages load is really important to Google. Pages can load slow if the page code is poor and if images and not at the optimal resolution. Plug-ins which conflict with each other or which are out of date can also be the cause of poor load speed.

Using Blogs and Infographics with links back to a relevant page on your website is a great way to speed up the process of getting to Page One. Blogs have to be original work, not copied, and they have to be high quality in terms of content.

Both in the page name URL and in the website page code use the relevant keyword in the title and description. Paragraph headers ( H1, H2etc ) should also be rich in the relevant keyword.

Both in the page name URL and in the website page code use the relevant keyword in the title and description. Paragraph headers ( H1, H2etc ) should also be rich in the relevant keyword. As an example, this page has the H1 title of “SEO Altrincham” and it mentions this phrase in a way that helps explain why it should be positioned highly on Google search.

Since leaving other computing businesses to set up UK Website Workshop in 2008 we have consistently achieved great results for our clients. More Relevant Visitors, More Enquiries and More Sales.

Sadly, for us there is no silver bullet or magic formulae just the hard work. By making our client’s websites better than their competitors we deliver websites that search engines like. We analyse our Client’s website, analyse the websites of Competitors and put together a plan to get ahead and stay ahead. For more than 10 years we have consistently achieved great results for our clients.

Let us achieve great results for your business with a plan which is specifically for you. We can do all work currently required in one hit. Alternatively, or we can work with you on a phased implementation dependent on your business plan.

Taking this page as an example, when building the page we are fully aware that you don’t necessarily need to be in position 1 to gain new visitors to your site. There are typically 10 positions on page 1 of search results and any of these is likely to bring you more business. The opportunities are almost endless when you consider the number of different phrases people are likely to search for. So finding these opportunities and optimising them is key to any solid SEO strategy.

All our websites are designed to work on all screen sizes. We make sure that they are fast loading and fully optimised for every device that they are viewed on. We actually start optimising sites for mobile phones for a number of reasons.

Why mobile first?

Firstly, mobile phones are the most common way to access the internet, so its vital that your website is ready to appeal to these devices. Secondly, the Google algorithm uses the same thinking whereby it ranks websites based on their mobile performance and optimisations.

We have a solid track record when it comes to SEO and have consistently been achieving page one results on Google Search for our clients. Our keyword selection process for SEO is based on analytical research which minimises business risk and maximises the opportunity for business generation.

If you are not on Page 1 of Google for your keywords then you are missing many opportunities. We can improve your website’s performance using our tried and tested SEO techniques. What we do is work carefully through our in-house checklist to ensure your website ticks all the Google guidelines boxes. We also continually monitor your websites performance and discuss with you new potential avenues of growth in order to get the most from your website.

All of our SEO work complies with the Google Webmaster Guidelines. This is crucial and ensures that all the work we do is aimed at bringing you long term results that deliver for a long time to come.

Our approach has largely remained the same since 2008 but way we achieve the results is always changing. The experience and knowledge gained providing seo services for clients is what makes us so successful at delivering results.

There are a number of tools we use at UK Website Workshop in order to analyse your website. These include an SEO analyser that gives a quick summary of improvements that can be made. There are many tools that we use to improve your website. This is the key to keeping up to date with the latest changes in the Search Engine Optimisation industry. However, we don’t just use tools. We work through your website from a user perspective ensuring that the page delivers a clear and concise message about what you are offering. This attention to detail has helped our clients to stay ahead of the competition. We don’t rely on one source of information when it comes to SEO. By combining many areas we bring you the best results.

Having a website that shows within your actual location is beneficial because you will get more local business from local people.  We generate a lot of enquiries within Altrincham because we include this area on our pages. We are open for business in Altrincham and we want people to know we are here to help.

When working for clients on their SEO we try to emphasise how important a location is and not to only think of the big phrases that don’t include a location. Yes, without a location there are bound to be more searches done. However, these phrases may actually not generate leads that are as high quality and this is another reason why we highly recommend a long tail keyword strategy as part of every SEO strategy.

We are not based expensive city centre offices and have very low overheads. This benefits our clients because it means we can offer highly competitive pricing. Our SEO for Altrincham based businesses is trusted by many local companies and at a price that is affordable.

We work on SEO projects for clients throughout the UK. The majority or our work is for locally based clients within the Manchester and Altrincham areas. This is partly because of where we are based. However, its mainly local people recommending us to friends seeking a website or SEO service. If you are ready to take your website to the next level then get in touch. Arrange a meeting with us either in our offices or at your business premises.

Search Engine Optimisation FAQ’s

We get asked a whole host of questions regarding SEO. Below are some of the questions we get asked the most:

If you are running a business and want people to find you then SEO is a good way to attract new customers. Unlike paid adverts, organic search engine optimisation (SEO) brings visitors to your website without paying for each click so can be a highly cost effective way of increasing website visitors, enquiries and sales.

Simply put, SEO is a process that helps your website climb up search engine rankings. The higher you climb, the more visitors you will get and you will be on the path to growing your business in a cost effective way.

When performing SEO we build landing pages as part of the overall SEO strategy. These landing pages are individual pages designed to for people to land on when doing a Google search. They commonly include the following information:

  • What you sell
  • The benefits of what you sell
  • How the service or product works
  • Why to choose you
  • How to enquire
  • How to buy

To rank number 1 on search engines you need to initially choose niche phrases that are easier to achieve. These phrases are a sure way to improve the overall performance of your site and will attract new visitors. When you have a foothold, you can then push for less niche phrases. These will be harder to achieve but anything is possible with SEO. It simply comes down to how dedicated you are to achieving a 1st position listing.

Local SEO is the process of listing your website on search engines within your local area. This is a highly effective method of increasing business locally and for all businesses is an essential part of the SEO process.

National SEO is used when clients want their website to appear on search engines for specific phrases no matter where in the UK the search is being done from. As you can imagine, this means a more in depth approach and much more time being spent on the SEO strategy in order to achieve results but as with local SEO it is completely achievable if you have the right strategy and stick to it.

If you do a search for this you will be forgiven for thinking that SEO has run its course. However, the truth is , it has only become more popular. It is also a necessity for businesses who want to grow. If you take a website that has had no SEO done to it and compare it to a similar website that has. The results will be drastically different in terms of website visitor numbers.

Google maps is a huge benefit to all SEO strategies as it is a way for people to find your business in in a different way on Google. Effectively, having a Map listing is like having an additional listing on Google as well as your organic search listing. The example below shows our map listing and shows how it can appear in Google searches.

seo map listing

Yes, you can do SEO yourself. However, it is a time consuming task to learn all the best practices and in most cases it will be more cost effective to pay an SEO agency such as ourselves to take care of this for you. Similarly to when you heating breaks down, its better to call a qualified heating engineer rather than to try and fix it yourself. An SEO expert will be able to quickly and efficiently resolve any SEO issues on your website and provide high quality ongoing SEO to make sure your site is kept up to date with the latest search engine changes.

There are a number of tools that can help boost productivity and help quickly identify any pitfalls or errors. These include:

SEO is not a one size fits all type of process. Some websites may have had SEO for a number of years but need fine tuning in order to get to the top of search results. Some are start-up businesses who need an affordable but effective SEO plan. When you work with us, we identify where you are on the SEO journey and what needs to be done in order to provide you with the results you require.

The Google keyword tool is designed to give website owners an insight into what phrases their website ranks for on Google search. It allows users to compare search terms over various date ranges so that you know how things are changing over time.

More importantly, it provides website owners with email notifications should anything go wrong with their website which is is essential should an issue arise.

Link building is an important SEO technique that gives your website more authority online. When we say authority, we mean it is considered a good source of information that provides users with quality content. Over time, websites will generate their own backlinks if the content is valuable to others. This is why we aim to make every website we build useful, unique and of the highest quality.

Google reviews will help overall because as you climb the rankings, if you have google reviews they can appear on your listings as shown below. This not only makes your listing more visible but also more trusted.


An SEO listing can be defined as a mention of your business name, address, phone number or your website on another website. These local listings also known as citations feed into your SEO strategy by reinforcing your business contact details. This in turn gives your website more credibility and helps you build a high performing website.

SEO and online marketing are different things however they can both interlink. As an example online marketing will typically involve SEO, email marketing, social media advertising and more. SEO on the other hand is more focused on promoting the website itself however as part of an SEO strategy you may want to boost the website by promoting it on other platforms in order to gain an SEO advantage.

Good SEO content will include well written text by a person who has a sound knowledge of the subject they are writing about. It will also include infographics and images relevant to the topic to reinforce the text. Additionally, video may be used to take this a step further. All of these things combined with a well structured page that is fast loading will boost your SEO efforts.

An SEO friendly website is built in a way that follows strict standards making sure to follow google guidelines. When built from scratch, the end goals of the SEO plan will be built into the website itself. Its a bit like designing a sports car. You use the best components so that its fast. In the same way, the speed of a website is crucial to SEO. Every webpage is built to be speed optimised. This is done by using as little code as possible while making the site a pleasurable experience for the users.

Yes, although social media such as facebook and instagram are not considered SEO, they can help with your SEO efforts.

Social media provides a signal to Google that your business is active and open for business. If you make use of social media properly it will help boost your search engine listings.


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